Bottled water at your faucet


  Hello and welcome to my website.  I assume you’re considering water filtration?  Great, I can assist you.  But first please read my opening paragraph.  Thanks!


   As a nation, we are drinking three times the bottled   water as we did a decade ago.  With the bottle water industry now exceeding $17 billion a year, and the environmental impact plastic bottles has brought upon us, more and more responsible people are turning to water filtration and they are asking themselves, “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

  We’ve all experienced poor tasting tap water at some point in spite of many news reports that its safe.  When compounded by the fact that our water its treated with chemicals that don’t remove all things like: parasites, lead, and or pharmaceuticals found in local water supplies, fear gives birth the Bottled Water Industry.

   Hi, I’m Robert Blahnik, owner of TapFresh Water Purification.  Please contact me concerning all of your clean water needs.  

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Robert Blahnik